Look up. Something is very wrong.



There goes an old saying.

“Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.”

Well next time you’re watching a sunset, get your trusty compass out and take a look at where it ends up. You will see that it sets far due north-west of where it should be.

If you only believe half of that, gaze up at the Southern Cross. Instead of where it normally is, you’ll find it very much¬†south-east of where it should be.

Then when you’re done scratching your head, go inside and take out a Moon chart then take a look at the Moon. Compare the pre-eclipse Moon of December 2010 to now and you will notice a 90 degree tilt has occurred.

In the academic world, Cornell University picked up on some of these discrepancies and posted¬†this video which discusses – quite seriously – the “wrong orbit” of the Moon.

People around the world are equally as baffled, and are wanting answers.

Just do a YouTube search of the above anomalies and you’ll see people from all around the world (irrespective of what season it is) who share the exact same concerns.

The above video illustrates the concerns of the Inuit people in the Arctic who, like all native hunters, use the positioning of the Sun and stars to navigate.

One of them, Inookie Adamie, says “I have lived here all my life and have watched the Sun…where [the Sun] rises has not changed much but the sunset has shifted way over.”

Over the other side of the world in the United Kingdom, a man shows us how by using his compass he can observe that the Sun is setting in the far north-west (quite a way out from where it should be).

Across the Atlantic, a north Minnesota man wrote to the site Rumour Mill News.com about this anomaly. He was driving home looking at the sunset when he noticed that something was very wrong.

“I began telling my wife everything is wrong here,” the former US Navy pilot said. “The Sun is way north of where it should be at sunset.” He goes on to plead for readers to prove him wrong.

It’s worrying enough that NASA (or any other reputable space agency) hasn’t addressed this, but when did all of this happen exactly?

At what point did this monumental transformative anomaly take place? It’s almost like something out of the show FlashFoward where everyone has no recollection of what happened.

Something that is disturbing food for thought is that in the time immediately after the December 2010 eclipse, mass fish, bird, seal, whale and cow die-offs began occurring.

Despite the occasion instance of the respective cooling and warming ocean temperatures in some parts of the world, scientists could offer no explanation whatsoever to the public.

But when the positioning of the Sun, Moon and stars are askew, that tells us something far more alarming.

Either the Earth’s tilt has changed dramatically (which you’d assume we’d notice), or something has changed the physical orbit of the Sun and Moon.

This is bizarre stuff, I know. It’s something reserved for conspiracy forums and late night banter, but unlike the ‘theories’ this is fact. It’s physical, tangible and plainly visible to the naked eye.

Not just here in Australia, but to every single person around the planet. That said, it’s worth asking where the media is on this one.

Feel free to try and debunk me on this. While you’re at it hopefully you’ll put everyone else’s mind at rest too.

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6 Responses to “Look up. Something is very wrong.”

  1. 1 Rayna

    I’ve been noticing this for quite awhile.
    We’re not the only ones (obviously).
    I will take the word of the Inuit peoples, and other natives; that depend on the sun and stars to LIVE; than a scientist that runs computer simulation all day!!
    For Truth.

  2. Since there are no other attempts at explaining, let me try this; You are absolutely right. It is , without a doubt, probably a mind-bending issue of great importance. It is fear that is driving people away from looking at this with any interest of solving the situation. i am 56 years old. It is my generation, I believe, that owes this planet, and our children the leadership necessary at this hour.

  3. 3 Bobby

    I noticed the moon difference last Christmas, I took everyone out on the porch to look at it, but they were all so clueless, no one cared.

  4. 4 Full

    Found a note on the Cornell University’s web site:


    A recent analysis of a Lunar Laser Ranging (LLR) data record spanning 38.7 yr revealed an anomalous increase of the eccentricity of the lunar orbit amounting to de/dt_meas = (9 +/- 3) 10^-12 yr^-1. The present-day models of the dissipative phenomena occurring in the interiors of both the Earth and the Moon are not able to explain it.

    MORE in the link…

  5. I would agree that something is very wrong. I have noticed this for some time.
    Actually it was my late father who brought it to my attention a year before he died so that would have been 1991. I was visiting his house here in Salem Oregon and he made a off the cuff comment. He said ” the sun has changed” I said “what do you mean”. He said ” it moved”. He said ” the sun always hit the same spot at 2 PM and it’s not hitting there. It is about 6-7 inches off. He always would sit in the same chair each day starting in May to have a cup of coffee and feel the warmth of the sun, but I came back the next day and he was right. He sun has moved. So that was part of it and then something happened to me personally also in the mid 1990’s. * I can get a date if it’s needed* It was mid December and I was living in West Salem about 8 miles from where dad lived. I was on the computer and it was clear and sunny but cold. All the sudden it was as if a large cloud moved across the face of the sun. It dimmed. The kicker was it did not lighten up again. I had to turn on the inside house lights.
    I actually went outside and looked up and the sun was dimmer. There were no clouds. I noticed that the street lights came on, it was that much dimmer, almost like a total eclipse that kind of dim. I noticed when I checked saw that the street lights were on that the cars also had their headlights on.
    I called a friend in another area of the town and she said that the street lights were on too. I was so shocked a called a friend in Washington state and was told that he was driving and had to turn the lights on he also noticed the dimming as I called it. I could not believe that it was not mentioned on the news. Not a whisper about the dimming was ever heard or read about, most people probably thought it was just winter lighting.
    I know better. Something changed and never returned to normal.

    Finally in the last few months since Spring, we have not had as much sun as what we consider “normal ” for this area. If you look at the sky on the clear sunny days, it’s not the sky of a summer day, deep blue and clear. It more likely you will see a washed out blue of a sunny winter sky. There has been a change.

    What caused it? I have 4 possible scenarios.

    1. We are beginning to align with the galactic center.. the Milky Way Galaxy. As we get nearer and nearer to 2012 this is the time line of when we are told that we will align with the galactic center. Where as the Milky Way is sitting out in space and it’s at an angle we are told that it will soon be almost parallel to our vision when we look at it, and we will gaze directly into it’s center.

    2. We have had 3 massive quakes since 2000.
    First was Indonesia December 2004. This quake moved the planet axis a number of inches.
    Then we had the Chile quake in 2010 and that one too moved the entire planet on it’s axis.
    Finally we had the quake in Japan in 2011 and once again it caused a entire planetary axis shift.
    I am not sure which way it moved or it all the quakes contributed to the over all total of inches we moved. But this would affect the seasons, possibly affect the bird deaths not sure about mammals. But anything that uses EMF to navigate would be affected.

    3. There are numerous reports as we near 2012 that say that perhaps there is a extinction event is on the way.
    a: It could be a major asteroid on a collision course
    b: We might be affected ( orbit or collision ) with planet X
    If it’s planet X or Nibru it is rumored to be large enough to affect the planets or objects it comes close to. So it affects the sun and our orbit, or the orbit of the moon. All affect life as we know it here on planet earth.
    c: The sun could have a solar flare ( kill shot ) and life as we know it will never be the same. Picture life without electricity,computers, calculators, phones, gas and or water, * available without pumps * lights, cars, planes not to mention TV or VCR ( all electric ) no refrigerators etc.
    So even though life as we know it will/could change dramatically, it would not kill everyone.

    4. We are preparing for a magnetic polarity shift, which could happen all at once or slowly over time. This would cause our magnetic fields to reverse and it could cause major quakes, volcanic eruptions and tsunami’s as the earth re aligns itself to the new electromagnetic field and stabilizes once again. If you ever wonder if there has been a magnetic shift in the US just fill a sink with water, pull the plug and watch which way the water turns as it goes down the drain,now it’s clockwise, but it you would notice that it
    was going counter clock wise. I am sure that all our electronics would fail as much as with a major solar flare, it would cause almost everything to fail. Sadly it would take many lives, but humanity would survive, it’s happened before.

    Just my take on “Look Up Something Is Terribly Wrong” sorry for the book length reply.

    So although there is definitely something very wrong with the Sun, we have several scenarios or perhaps it’s one that I have not even listed. Something is up.
    Note: I have noticed something in the last year or so and I have talked to others and they too are facing the same issues.
    Ask yourself. Age not being a factor. How is your short term memory?
    Are you putting something down and 2 minutes later can’t recall where you put it? Are you talking and totally forget what you are going to say?

    I believe that the Sun may be responsible for our memory issues.
    I am not a medical doctor, scientist or astrophysicists but I will tell you that I I believe that we are attuned to a specific magnetic field, much like the Schumann resonance that surrounds the planet and if that field changes for any reason, any of the 4 scenarios above, or a any other event that would change our magnetic field. it is going to affect our brain which runs mostly on an electrical Magnetic pulse or frequency. If the pulse of a impending quake or volcanic eruption can cause car batteries to lose polarity, planes alternators to fail and cause them to crash, whales to beach, and pigeons and other birds to lose the ability to fly.. affecting your brain/memory is a no brainer, pardon the pun.

    In the case of a planetary shift or flip of the electrical magnetic field are we already seeing the precursors?
    Has our sun changed from a mostly hydrogen to helium based star?

    Emails welcome.

    Charlotte King

  6. Today in upstate New York the Moon was clearly visible at 7am but there were some serious issues. First, it was at about 60 degrees above the horizon when NASA and the navy showed it at 31 degrees. The shadow was at the bottom of the Moon, should have been on the right side, and the Moon was tilted about 45 degrees clockwise (based on position of mares) it was ALL wrong.
    Good luck trying to get anyones attention on this, I have been trying since about May of 2010 with no success, it is mind boggling that no one seems to be concerned about this.

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